Linda Larocque

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  Courtney Scott   Feb 15, 2018     Comments Off on Linda Larocque

Linda, who originally joined The Advocator Group, parent company of Aevo Insurance Services, in 2013, has held an insurance license for over thirty years. During this time, she worked in many facets of the insurance industry, helping individuals with life insurance, disability insurance, 401K planning, pension maximization, and annuity investments. Several years ago, Linda had the opportunity to work on a pilot program enrolling individuals who were on Medicare and Medicaid into state funded Senior Care Options plans. She saw firsthand how overwhelming Medicare can be and realized that she wanted to help make the transition onto Medicare easier and smoother for individuals. Linda is compassionate about helping her clients.

Linda is married and has a Cairn Terrier named Sophia Marie Joy. She likes to stay active and particularly enjoys the practice of Yoga, leisurely hiking and long walks with Sophia, especially on the beach. She is an avid bird watcher, loves to read, and enjoys her summer camp. When she is not exercising or spending time with her family, Linda enjoys cooking, making puzzles and watching tennis—she attended the US Open in New York City several times and one year flew to England to see Wimbledon.

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