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Aevo Services is a Medicare-focused insurance services company with a highly collaborative approach to what we do. We offer customized cost-saving solutions for employers and personalized guidance for employees who are transitioning from group health coverage to individual Medicare health plans. As we work with our clients, Aevo Services identifies tailored solutions that meet each employer’s financial goals and each individual’s unique healthcare needs and preferences.

Employer Value

The costs of healthcare, on both the employee and employer side, are skyrocketing. Often, older employees – who may be eligible for Medicare – make up a disproportionate percent of the employer costs. Offering a variety of Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage products in almost all 50 U.S. States, Aevo Services can educate employees on the benefits of Medicare, dispel common myths about the Medicare program, and ultimately transition employees into individual Medicare plans, optimized to meet individual needs. This process allows the employer to reduce healthcare costs and typically results in increased employee satisfaction.

Ideal Employers for Aevo Services

  • Employers with 50-5,000 employees
  • Employers that do not offer retiree medical coverage
  • Employers with a high percent of older workers

Educational Offerings for Medicare Solutions

  • In-office session (for opportunities with 50 or more participants)
  • Hosted webinar session (for opportunities with 10 or more participants)
  • Free consultative call with a Medicare plan agent from Aevo Services
  • Brochures and business cards available
  • Signage for office common spaces

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Please contact Tim Carney, Director of Aevo Services, with any requests for Aevo Employer Services.

He can be reached at 877.261.1947 x8705 or tcarney@aevoservices.com.

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